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Do you get excited about new hires and envision employees as a gateway to growing your business by supporting their talents? Or do you dread hiring, firing and just “dealing with employees” in general?


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What if you only had A-level employees working for you? They were self-motivated and took accountability to create the results you want? They made the right decisions without involving you?

Hire to Inspire shares with you skills and tools in recruiting and hiring that great leaders use to consistently create employees and teams that take ownership and responsibility in achieving your shared goals. By providing you with these skills and tools, you will:
  • embrace working with your employees and not dread having to deal with them;
  • accomplish more through motivating and inspiring your employees;
  • empower them to take ownership and be accountable; and
  • support them in constant professional and personal growth.
And we will also teach you how to see firing employees as a gifting process, supporting them in finding their happiness and going where their talents can be appreciated and utilized.

Being a strong leader is vital; leaders know how to unlock the greatness in each employee. Hire to Inspire is here to support you with the tools you need to be a leader for your employees; remember, your employees are a necessary part of your business. Working with them should be exciting and rewarding. If you understand and believe that you are an advocate for your employees, that they have a limitless potential for growth and you have the tools to support and inspire them, then we believe that you can achieve your goals beyond your expectations.

These are some of the specific areas and tools in the book:
  • Learning and teaching employees techniques on powerful “I can” self-talk;
  • Create clear and effective job descriptions and performance evaluation systems;
  • Hiring and recruiting techniques;
  • Effective interview questions;
  • How to engage and develop employees;
  • The importance of metrics for success -- monitoring, measuring and redirecting.

About the authors
Yolanda Mangrum-Walsh, DDS and Jennifer Chevalier co-founded Virtual Training Innovation (“VTI”) in 2011 with the simple mission to streamline training. Why not leverage technology to create a consistent recipe for success? They came together to improve the training process for not only the business owners but for everyone involved in the process. The motivation to revolutionize the way organizations introduce new talent to their businesses is what has made VTI such an effective tool.

VTI creates tools for businesses to achieve success easier and quicker. VTI has developed a way to simplify and streamline the training process for businesses across the nation. Its state-of-the-art cloud-based training system, VT Health, makes it effortless for all members of the team to stay up-to-date with the practice’s policies, procedures and more importantly culture. With team members trained to their full potential, the practice can achieve the next level of efficiency and create a high performance culture.
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